Tommy's Quilts


Tommy PhotoWelcome to my cyberhome. I’m Tommy Fitzsimmons and my real home is split between Northern Indiana, the Chicago Area, and Southwest Florida. I created this site to share what I have learned over the years as well as to gain more knowledge from others with similar interests.

All forms of expression have interested me during my growth as an artist. I gained the basic fundamentals, as well as the spark, with a

BA in Art and a minor in Art History. I have expanded this skill and appreciation with practical learning, (having been taught by the Best) supported by forty years of designing and sewing all varieties of fabrics and clothing both for family needs as well as commissions for friends and associates.

For the past thirty years, I have developed my quilting skills to the point where I have enjoyed many commissions for private collections, public establishments as well as shown my work at different venues across the country. My pieces all start with a single thread and grow to the finished piece, all of which I try to make unique and one of a kind. Using my background in fiber arts, weaving, hand dyeing my own fabric, and applying many pieces of mixed media to the end product, the pieces are cut, pieced, and quilted by both hand and machine. The detail and care that go into my work seem to be appreciated by clients and friends.

I hope you agree and I thank you for pausing at my home.